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    LandWorks is an international interdisciplinary workshop. Along side some of the world’s leading landscape architects, environmental designers and artists, students explore, design and ultimately realize site-specific ephemeral installations inside Sardinia’s Mediterranean landscape. This experimental method of design intervention expands the contemporary practice of landscape architecture through the reevaluation of particularly sensitive places, be they abandoned or compromised, naturally, historically and anthropologically under transition.


    The interdisciplinary and international operative research program called LandWorks-Sardinia engages globally renowned practitioners, to cross disciplinary boundaries  (landscape architecture, dance and music, art and architecture, etc.) to realize provocative ephemeral installations over a short and intensive period of time. They do this collaboratively with a diverse international student cohort to create shared, spontaneous works through a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary approach. Away from the confines of the traditional design studio, LandWorks operates as an "open air atelier". The resulting spatial and pedagogical impact of that immersive learning environment allows LandWorks Sardinia to highlight the critical transformation of local Mediterranean landscapes.


    The LandWorks Operative Workshop was created in 2011, and has since become a critical opportunity for the valorization of particularly sensitive places around the mediterranean landscapes of Sardinia. LandWorks is a studio based "operational workshop” in which participants build environmental and artistic installations under the direction of an established international landscape architect.


    The culturally and ecologically significant sites selected to for LandWorks are provoke a critical dialog between sense of place, contemporary utility and performance. All LandWorks sites are environmentally compromised and abandoned palimpsests of human activity. Recent projects include, UNESCO heritage sites of the GeoMineral Park, with its unique industrial and archeological heritage of the former resource extraction mines, for the first two editions, and the Park of the Archpelago of La Maddalena, with its extraordinary defensive landscape heritage, for third edition. Over the evolution of the past four editions, the extraordinary Sardinian landscapes have provided a rich field for the experimental “open air ateliers” of the operative workshop, as well as an ideal and representative setting for the contemporary mediterranean landscape. 


    Since the beginning, LandWorks has operated as a fruitful way for design thinkers, young and old, to rediscover the core landscape disciplines, finding and testing contemporary modalities to analyze, underline, revitalize and manage particularly sensitive places. Working closely together with community partners, including local actors and key administrators, LandWorks and its partnerships have created the foundation for a number of on-site projects, that give life to a series of temporary and permanent installations. LandWorks agents – its students, designers and partners - adaptively reuse, or find new modes of use for natural and historical elements found on-site. It is through that adaptive reuse and reinterpretation of key physical elements that evoke past realities of the places itself, that underlines the significance of the changing landscape, the natural and cultural heritage of contexts being explored, and opens new opportunities for future development. But beyond the physical, aesthetic or spatial impact advanced by the projects and design leaders, LandWorks asks the next generations of environmental designers to imagine new perspectives and possible futures for territories and people who live them - areas of incredible natural beauty they will one day inherit and carry on into the future. 

  • The Hanging Boats by Chris Phongphit Team


  • The Mission 


    The cultural association LandWorks is animated by a spirit of internationalism. This openness to the world and to the different cultures is aimed at the diffusion of the cultural heritage. 

    Our initiative welcomes professional and students from all over the world, thanks to which it was possible to disclose the projects in more than 10 languages.


    Today LandWorks is a solid and structured association, always seeking new landscape to explore.




  • Scientific Director

    Prof. Stefan Tischer
  • Logistic Coordination

    Paola Serrittu
    +39 340 1400626

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